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Gently used equipment 


Stromtank S-2500

this has been a demo / loaner unit for some time and is due for its new home. The Stromtank can operate on two modes, either a battery mode which is fully isolated from your wall's power, or in a current-boosting mode which works in tandem with AC mains to give great conditioning and exceptional current delivery. Original retail on this piece was ~$27,000. This is not the latest revision of the 2500, but it will come with a 1-year warranty from Stromtank.


Anthem MRX 1120

The Anthem MRX-1120 is their previous generation flagship receiver, featuring 11 amplified channels, 140 watts per channel on the primary channels , 4K60 HDMI support, fully atmos ready, pre-outs for every channel with the ability to add external amplifiers if desired. The 1120 is also compatible with the latest Anthem ARC Genesis room correction! Originally $3500

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