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Alta Audio

The Alta Audio Adam in Rosewood, backlit on a sunny day.
Alta Audio Adam in Rosewood

Alta Audio, founded by Michael Levy, produces a uniquely infectious sounding line of speakers. While Alta may be a newer company in the hi-fi world, it is the result of 30+ years of speakers design and optimization.

The sonic goals of Alta's speakers are fairly simple; to provide exceptional reproduction of live and in-studio recordings. To pursue this goal, Michael spent countless nights in New York City's finest performance spaces; enjoying music but also paying close attention to the voicing of live music. Traveling between these musical spaces and then back home to his own loudspeakers, he refined the voice of Alta Audio.

All of Alta Audio's designs feature ribbon tweeters, which while made by a large manufacturer are custom designed for implementation in their speakers. Ribbons function quite differently from other styles of tweeter; they have an extremely low mass allowing very rapid movement. With this speed capability, the scale and dynamics on the treble is absolutely lovely, giving life and breath to the top scales of music.

As for woofers, Alta again implements custom-modified drivers allowing implementation of their proprietary XLT Bass. XTL Bass is short for "Extended Transmission Line", and this technology allows for greater efficiency in the bass, but also helps keep the woofers from unloading and distorting. Bringing these two cornerstones together with great aesthetic design is the foundation of the Alta line. With the consistent approach throughout the line, you get a family sound of dynamic and amazing musicality. Their speakers have an amazing dimensionality of sound that is oftentimes elusive in other speakers, and well worth a listen!

Currently on demo, we have the Alta Audio Adam speakers. Periodically we have other units through so feel free to ask about any model!

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