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Stover Street Slat Wall

A living room featuring slat walls to help with reflected sound in the space.

While our primary focus lies in listening room design, we are also open to addressing any sound-related goals in acoustic design. When a lovely couple on Stover Street reached out about their home being a noisy nightmare while watching TV or working from home, we collaborated to find the best solution.

Their space boasts an awesome modern design style, and a very open floor plan. With the kitchen, living room, dining room, and home office seamlessly integrated across two stories, there was a huge connected volume of space. The concrete floor, large garage door, and other highly reflective surfaces led to a cacophony of echoes and lingering sound, from the rustling of dishes to the incorporated 5.1 surround sound setup. Speech intelligibility was a constant struggle, with reflected sound interfering with every word when speaker to others in the space. Additionally, any actions in one space would interfere with all of the attached spaces.

In this well-designed space, we meticulously balanced cosmetic and functional goals. After considering multiple proposals, we settled on installing a slat wall product across various regions of the room. We targeted the large open wall above a bulkhead in the living room after spending some time in the space evaluating. With existing integrated up-lighting, this option not only enhanced the visual appeal of the space but also served as a huge energy sink, allowing us to absorb and break up a huge amount of sound.

Even during installation, the homeowners were amazed by the improvement. Upon completion of the installation, we were all immensely impressed by the improvement in everyday conversations and actions!

By seamlessly integrating our solution with their existing home design, we achieved our clients' goal of creating a much more peaceful sonic environment throughout their space, without the visual detraction often attributed to acoustic treatment solutions.

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