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Trinnov manufactures the most advanced audio processors in the world. This is home theater at the ultimate level, and an amazing option for stereo systems in complicated rooms.

Trinnov, founded in 2003, is a research and technology based manufacturer. Their specialty is in their outstanding room optimization software and amazingly flexible solutions. Their France designed and built products stand the test of time with excellent upgradeability and consistent performance.

Originally, Trinnov's founding partners helped in the fundamental research that set the foundation for today's immersive audio formats. This intimate relationship with the core technologies and concepts of spatial audio gives them an edge in developing components which extract the absolute most out of your speakers and room.

Their most obvious innovation when setting up Trinnov in your system is their unique four-element 3D calibration microphone! This microphone is an incredible tool, built in house by Trinnov to get the most accurate room measurements possible, and creates a huge array of data to be used later. The unique arrangement of microphone elements allows the measurement of your speakers to within 2° of azimuth, 2° of elevation, and less than 1 cm of distance.

The microphone measurement data is then fed into Trinnov's unique Optimizer system, where it can be used to manipulate the signal being sent to each speaker in the space. This software has been at the core of Trinnov's success since their launch in 2003, with many refinements and upgrades offered since then. The ability to control the signals going to each speaker in time, phase, and with correctable impulse all at the same time is incredibly powerful. Originally, the Optimizer was created for use in professional studio environments, and is now found in over 2750 studios worldwide. With its phenomenal success in the professional field, Trinnov decided to offer the same level of performance to home cinemas, and thus the Altitude series of processors was born.

The Altitude 16 is Trinnov's smaller offering, with the same processing capabilities and sound quality as their other processors. This gives you a full suite of immersive audio decoders for Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X Pro, enabling flexibility in playback for almost any source material. This processor will render up to 20 discrete channels of information, 16 via analog output and an additional 4 via digital output. This gives you the ultimate in assignable flexibility for any speaker layout. 5.1.2? Sure! 7.2.4? Absolutely! Want to get extreme with your subwoofer layout? You can build the 2.18 system of your dreams. Each of these channels can have its own crossover and bass management control independently set!

The next level if immersion comes with the Altitude 32, where up to 34 discrete channels are available. If you need more, this can be expanded with the Altitude 48 Ext, unlocking even more potential for large-scale rooms, enabling Atmos's full 24.1.10 layout with room for additional bass management.

Supporting their processors, Trinnov also makes a line of amplifiers called the Amplitude series. This series includes the Amplitude 8, 8M, and 16. These amplifiers, with 8 or 16 channels, feature excellent power and an incredibly low noise floor, enabling explosive dynamics and with great damping and control.

To get this amazing processing capacity in your 2-channel system, they also make the Amethyst preamp. This unit has 4 outputs, allowing for active crossovers with a 2 channel system or expanding to a 2.1 or 2.2 system with full correction on each channel and full bass management.


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