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Neo Audio Racks

Neo High End make some of the finest audio furniture we've seen to date. Their great vibration performance is only outshined by their fit and finish quality. These truly must be seen to be appreciated.

Neo High End audio racks strike an amazing balance between functionality and style. Their fit and finishing is the best that we have ever come across, and we've used many pieces of audio furniture in the past! Neo has been around since 2002, starting out with a collection of interior design pieces and then narrowing their focus entirely onto audio racks and accessories.

It is no exaggeration that the finishing of every component of their racks is the best we have seen, with amazing machining, material quality, and craftsmanship. Their products are available in a selection of amazing finishes. The options for both matte and glossy finishes are excellent, allowing the rack to be both attention grabbing or subtle depending on the design goals of the space. Additionally, fully custom veneers and colors are available for custom order!

Neo Audio Racks for demo - Currently we feature the Double Quattron stand in matte walnut with stainless silver hardware.


We feature a Neo Double Quattron in Satin Walnut with stainless legs.

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