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Lumin's range of hugely capable digital products is a great strength! Whether you need a standalone streaming transport, a streamer/DAC combination, or a single unit to act as a streamer, DAC, and preamplifier all in one; Lumin has something that will perform at an exceptional level!

What attracted us to Lumin was their amazing flexibility. Their included Lumin app allows for easy exploration of your music; bringing together locally stored music files ( via USB storage ), network stored files, steaming from Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, and more! Additionally, Lumin is fully compatible with the Roon interface! This flexibility is a huge benefit adapting and growing your system!

All of the Lumin units with integrated DACs, called "Network Players" which are the D3, T3, P1, and the flagship X1, include both RCA and balanced XLR outputs, as well as some of the best digital volume control available with LEEH processing. This allows all of these units to act as preamplifiers, and perform at an exceptional level! Additionally, if in the future you upgrade to an external DAC, you can continue to use the network player as a transport with the included digital output. Of these devices, the P1 stands out alone in having the addition of HDMI inputs and outputs, as well as XLR and RCA inputs. This allows the P1 to act as the heart of an analog and digitally connected system; all you need to do is add an amplifier and you're ready to play nearly anything!

All of the Lumin units with only Digital output, their "Network Transports". All of the network transports share the benefits of their network player counterparts, but with five types of digital output, enabling their connection to nearly any DAC on the market. These models are the U2 Mini, the U2, and the U1X. Eliminating a noisy source from your system like an old computer or inferior streamer can provide huge benefits in your hi-fi!

In addition to their core products above, Lumin also offers a music server + network switch combination unit called the L2. The L2 is able to store either 4 or 8TB of music, as well as convert your network from standard Ethernet to Fiber; compatible with the U1X, U2, X1, and P1. This music server works seamlessly with any of the Lumin models, feeding all of your lossless content with the lowest possible noise! Lumin also makes a matching amplifier, aptly named the Lumin Amp! This amplifier's sleek styling fits perfectly with the rest of their products, but it is more than a pretty face! The on-board class A/B amplifiers are set up in a dual-mono setup, keeping signals entirely separate to minimize any potential for crosstalk. Speaking of mono, a pair of these amplifiers can be used as monoblocks too! With 160W/Channel into 8 ohms, 320W/Chan into 4 ohms, and bridgeable into 8 ohm loads at an impressive 640W when used as monoblocks! This amplifier paired with a P2 could create an extraordinary compact front-end, just add speakers!

Lumin available for demo - Currently on the floor we feature the Lumin T3 in silver.


We feature the Lumin T3 on demo in the showroom!

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