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Cardas Audio, based in Bandon, Oregon, USA, is our featured cable manufacturer. We've chosen Cardas for several reasons: their products are made in the USA, they have a dedicated team behind their brand, and most importantly, they deliver excellent sound quality!

Cardas begins the manufacturing process by carefully selecting raw copper sourced exclusively from specific mines in the southwest USA. This copper then undergoes proprietary drawing and annealing techniques at facilities in the northeast. Once this initial processing is completed, each individual copper strand is coated to create what is known as Litz wire. These Litz conductors, combined in specific ratios based on the golden ratio principle, form the core of Cardas's cables.

The raw materials and processing are only a small part of the process when it comes to Cardas's cables. They make all of their own connectors, which are machined from copper or brass billet, and plated with silver, and a flash of rhodium. This plating method not only creates beautiful looking parts, but it also ensures excellent conductivity, with no fears of oxidation. There are a variety of terminations available to fit nearly any system out there!

Numerous audio manufacturers opt for Cardas's internal wire, termination/connection points, or raw copper and silver, and there's a compelling reason behind this trend: they deliver exceptional sound quality.

We're more than happy to do A/B listening with any available cables in the store. Additionally, we can work with you on a loaner set to try at home to ensure you're getting the most out of your system!


We feature a wide variety of Cardas cables from power, speaker, rca, XLR, and usb in a variety of levels from iridium to clear beyond. Just ask if you're looking for something in particular!

Speaker: Clear Cygnus and Iridium
Interconnects: Clear Cygnus XLR and RCA, Clear XLR Iridium XLR and RCA
Power: Clear Beyond Power 15A and 20A, Iridium Power 15A. We also feature the Nautilus 20A Power Strip and the 4181 Duplex Outlet in our reference system.
Digital: Clear High Speed USB

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