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Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber's speakers combine a timeless aesthetic with decades of acoustic research and innovation. True Italian craftsmanship!

Sonus Faber Olympica Nova I in Walnut
Sonus Faber Olympica Nova I

The hand-crafted approach taken by Sonus Faber delivers some of the best fit and finish across the entire audio industry. Their material choices are driven by not only design goals, but also a technical pursuit of "Natural Sound". In their own words: "We believe that high-quality speakers should recreate music true to its original sound". Across the entire speaker lineup, from floorstanding speakers to bookshelves to in-wall solutions, you will find an amazingly consistent signature sound. As you move up the line, you tend towards better dynamics, a more effortless delivery, and a better sense of space, but overall the music maintains a natural and balanced delivery that matches that goal of natural sound. The combination of design, innovative technological and electro-acoustical solutions, and the human touch culminate towards greatness.

Sonus Faber's in-house R&D team has refined simple concepts to extract the best balance for this signature sound. Silk dome tweeters are featured through the entire lineup, allowing great musical resolution without any ringing or fatigue. Paper pulp cones are also featured across much of the line, with a very natural tonal balance due to their low mass, great rigidity, and inherently non-resonant structure. Crossover topologies have been meticulously optimized both by measurement and ear to best align between each driver as well.

The human touch by true artisans is what sets Sonus Faber apart!

Sonus Faber available for demo - Currently we feature the Lumina III and Sonetto III compact towers for easy comparison!


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