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Anthem's products include fantastic home theater, stereo, and distributed audio products.

Our favorites are the MRX/AVM/MCA series for home theater use, including receivers, processors, and amplifiers.

Anthem in Home Theater

Anthem's receivers and processors set themselves apart from the competition primarily in sound quality and room correction. They don't cycle products every year like many brands do, but instead dedicate the time to build a product which will perform for years.

​Their room correction, Anthem Room Correction, utilizes a custom made microphone which operates via USB to a computer, rather than a small headphone cable to the unit itself as is more common in home theater. The purpose of this USB / Computer connection is to allow the computer to do all of the heavy processing required for their corrections. This also gives a much better interface for fine-tuning the system to optimize the performance of your speakers!

Their Receivers include the MRX-540, MRX-740, and MRX-1140, all of which now feature full 8K Support with the latest technologies including Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhanced, and others! These receivers all allow for expansion with flexible pre-outs to allow for system expansion over time. The MRX-540 process 7.2 surround, with 5 channels of amplification on-board. The MRX-740 processes 11.2 channels, with 7 on-board amplifiers. The MRX-1140, the flagship receiver, processes 15.2 channels with 11 on-board amplifiers.

​The next level in Home Theater components are "separates", where you run a separate processor and amplifier(s). This is where you truly elevate your cinematic experience! One of the greatest benefits of separate component systems is the flexibility to change or add components out as requirements of the system change.

I like to call it the brains and the muscle approach.

The Brains

When moving to the Anthem processors, either the AVM-70 or AVM-90, you gain the ability to use balanced (XLR) connections to your amplifiers, which allows lower signal noise between these components. In moving to the AVM processor series, the quality of internal components is improved, most importantly the digital to analog converters which ultimately impact the sound quality of every signal passing through. For more complicated systems with multiple subwoofers, the AVM-70 will let you independently correct for 2 subwoofers. The AVM-90 will allow you to independently correct up to 4 subwoofer for the best possible response in even the most complicated home theater setups.

The Muscle

The MCA Gen 2 series of amplifiers, the MCA 225 Gen 2, 325 Gen 2, and 525 Gen 2 are all built on a similar architecture. They are absolute powerhouses with a very real 225 watts per channel into 2, 3, or 5 channels at 8 ohms, and have vanishingly low distortion. If that isn't enough, you could always step up to the P2 or P5, with 325 watts per channel, or even the STR Power Amplifier with 400 watts per channel of class A/B goodness!

​We pride ourselves on optimizing your theater to take the best advantage of your electronics and speakers. Far too many people purchase equipment and never properly calibrate or optimize it to truly experience what it is capable of. Let us help you get the most out of your Home Theater!


We feature the Anthem MRX-740 receiver on demo in the showroom!

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