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Architettura Sonora

Where the lines between sculpture and speakers meet is where you will find Architettura Sonora. Their lines include a variety of visual styles of speakers, with some very interesting functions such as incorporated lighting.

Their fit and finish are second to none, with some of the highest quality materials and metals which can be integrated into any space elegantly. Many models are so well disguised they truly appear as sculpture.

Form Follows Sound

With the beauty of Architettura Sonora, one may be fooled into thinking that sound is an afterthought for the company. However, their technical prowess is just as meticulous as their design. The impressive sound quality of their products is a testament to their attention to detail. Architettura Sonora is based in Italy and supported by its parent company, B&C, which has been manufacturing professional audio products for decades. With B&C's extensive knowledge of speaker design and manufacturing, Architettura Sonora is able to produce some truly impressive products that are built to last.


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