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Audiolab, made in the UK, has some of the best balance of simplicity and sound performance out there. Their fleet of stereo electronics cover an excellent range of price points while looking and sounding amazing!

Audiolab's product line of stereo electronics closely follow their company's ethos: "to be the epitome of high performance sound quality with attractive design". This simple statement truly shapes their entire product range; where excellent cosmetic designs match with excellent electronics. Their products can easily fit with any space, without drawing undue attention.

The ease of use of the Audiolab components is excellent, with most units sharing a single remote that handles all functions. Their main product lines, the 9000, 7000, and 6000 series each share similar options, with an integrated amplifier, CD player, and streaming transport represented in each line. All of the units in each line visually match excellently, sharing chassis design and design elements. They also have standalone products like their all-in-one streaming amplifier with CD playback capabilities the Omnia, as well as separate DAC options. Their product line continues to expand with the recently released 9000 series flagship line, with its growing family of components.

We have paired our demo Audiolab integrated amplifiers with a variety of different speaker options with consistently excellent results. The onboard DACs featured in the 9000 and 7000 outperformed out expectations with their musicality. The added ability to simply connect with Bluetooth to these units is excellent for sharing music quickly with others as well!


We feature the Audiolab 7000a and 9000a integrated amplifiers, as well as the 7000n streamer on demo in the showroom!

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