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Fyne Audio

Fyne Audio is a British loudspeaker manufacturer known for its commitment to precision engineering and high-quality audio reproduction. Established by a group of industry veterans in 2017, with the announcement of the closure of Tannoy’s Scottish production facility. The goal in establishing Fyne was two fold. Firstly, to keep the craftsmanship and skills of Scottish hi-fi manufacturing. Secondly, to unleash the engineering potential that was held captive in their previous endeavors. The company quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to speaker design and their detailed craftsmanship.

Fyne’s product range includes a variety of loudspeakers catering to different audio preferences and room sizes. They have a wide range of price points and sizes, as well as stylistic variety allowing for integration into a great number of rooms.

Fyne Audio speakers are crafted using advanced materials and proprietary technologies to achieve accurate sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum. The key technologies are mostly housed in their signature IsoFlare driver. This driver is a point source system, where the bass/midrange driver shares a common center with the high frequency unit. This allows for exceptional stereo imaging, even when off axis. Through the design of the bass cone, they are able to control the directivity of the sound, following the flare of the cone. This helps with interactions with the side walls and floor/ceiling, reducing their impact on the sound you hear. This foundational technology establishes the foundation of the Fyne Audio sound.Fyne Audio’s lines are quite expansive, but we focus on their lines featuring the IsoFlare drivers. Their flagship line, the F1 Series, offers an elegant chassis with one prominent driver. This series is established to define what is currently possible in point-source speaker designs. Following in the F1’s footsteps, the Vintage series and Vintage Classic series follow the same ethos, single drivers, timelessly designed cabinets, and a flare for the old-school. For a more modern aesthetic, the F700 and F500 series are available. These series offer a taller, slimmer cabinet with curved lines and fantastic finishes. The F700/F500 also offer an additional bass driver in their larger designs, unleashing even further potential in low-end reproduction, especially useful in larger spaces. These lines are also available in “SP” or Special Production versions. The “SP” editions unleash even more potential, with a variety of upgrades from the driver’s magnet type to crossover component changes and even some cabinet changes to enable even greater retrieval of the recorded music’s magic.

Another fantastic feature in the Fyne Audio line is their in-wall and in-ceiling options. For use in a discrete stereo or distributed audio setup throughout your home, these are an incredible option. The benefits of the point-source drivers in these situations are significant, allowing for more consistent sound across a wider area. When these custom installation speakers are combined with Fyne's traditional cabinet speakers in a home theater system, the potential is absolutely incredible! Using the same drivers across all positions of a theater, with all of the benefits of their point source nature and controlled directivity allows for the ultimate expression of surround sound content.

By combining the heritage of Scottish speaker design and development with modern engineering prowess, Fyne has established a phenomenal line of products only set to get better with time!


We feature the Fyne Audio F502SP in Gloss Walnut and the Fyne Audio Vintage Classic VIII in Walnut.

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