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JL Audio

JL Audio builds some of the best subwoofers in the world. Their designs bring the effortless bass authority you need to establish the sonic foundation of a stereo or theater.

JL's subwoofer options, both standard and in-wall, provide incredible performance in compact and easy to integrate packages. We have integrated these subwoofers into stereos and theaters with amazing results, without taking up huge amounts of space in the room, allowing for better flexibility in performance and placement.

Founded in 1975, JL rapidly shifted their focus into the production of custom subwoofers and component systems. In 1987, JL entered the competition automotive audio scene, and through the '90s they established a dominant presence. After this JL started releasing their fully custom subwoofer drivers to the open market, with amazing feedback from reviewers and users alike. This driver development continued throughout the 90s, and then in 2004 they launched their first home audio subwoofers, the Fathom and Gotham lines. Since 2004, JL has continued to develop and expand their offerings for home, introducing the E-series and D-series, with technologies brought down from their top models. From amplifier design to the driver design, everything about these subwoofers is designed with one goal in mind, outstanding performance.

The D and E series subwoofers are more traditional, with purpose-built amplifiers and drivers in a compact box. These feature a full phase adjustment which is incredibly useful when integrating with a stereo setup where there is no outside processing. When stepping up to the Fathom series subwoofers, JL introduces two major features, D.A.R.O. ( Dynamic Automatic Room Optimization ) and E.L.F. Trim ( Extreme Low Frequency Trim ), into the units. D.A.R.O. is JL's automated room optimization, where when connecting the included calibrated microphone to the subwoofer, it will self-correct for optimal linear performance in the given room for your listening position. This correction is incredibly powerful, especially in unorthodox rooms! E.L.F. stand for extreme low frequency, and is a trim that allows you to tailor the output at 25hz, adjusting the available output to taste. These features allow much better integration of the subwoofer without the need for any other processing within the signal chain, keeping the signal to your mains untouched.

When the quality and extension of your bass in a small package is the goal, JL is the best in the market.


We feature the a pair of the JL Audio Fathom F110v2 Subwoofers in the showroom.

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