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KEF Coaxial Speakers for Home and Theater

KEF isn't a new name to most people who love audio; they have been making speakers for over 60 years now! Founded in 1961, KEF rapidly started development and production of their own speaker drivers. Since developing their first drivers, KEF always focused on integrating the latest technologies in pursuit of better sound.

Of the many technologies developed by KEF, the most recognizable of is the Uni-Q. Developed in 1988, the Uni-Q driver was the first truly coincident source speaker driver. The Uni-Q drivers are featured in nearly every speaker in the KEF lineup. So what is a coincident source? Rather than having a separate tweeter and woofer above and below each other on a baffle, a coaxial driver has the tweeter centered inside the woofer. Taking this coaxial concept even further, a coincident driver features the tweeter inside the woofer, but arranged so the acoustic centers ( the point where sound is initially generated ) are aligned. With this alignment, the time it takes sound from either the woofer or tweeter to reach you is nearly identical. What this means to you, the listener, is a very well defined soundstage across a wider listening area! In stereo this is an awesome effect, but in theater it really shines! With multiple rows of seating, you can get a very consistent sound field to all of the seats, making spatial sounds even more precise and dynamic.

Today's KEF Speakers offer a unique sound and presence which is very involving across a larger room; perfect for spaces where you might find yourself listening off-axis frequently.

Currently on demonstration, we feature the KEF REF3 Meta.


We feature the KEF R3 Meta on demo in the showroom!

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