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Totem Acoustics out of Canada have a unique approach to their speakers. They have an effortless musicality across all of their products, from their passive speakers to their powered options.

Designed and engineered by the mastermind Vince Bruzzese, Totem has been making speakers since 1987. Their goal has been to provide a "soul moving" musical experience at affordable prices, a goal that we feel has been well achieved. While there is true engineering prowess behind their products, they also rely on the art of listening to finalize their designs. This tuning process helps ensure the best possible integration of drivers, built to suit the human ear not just simulations.

Totem's proprietary woofer design, dubbed the Torrent, is featured across a variety of their products. These in-house designed and built woofers are run without crossover, which is a unique approach in the hi-fi world. Their custom design allows the natural high-end roloff of the woofers to blend seamlessly with their tweeter, which greatly reduces the effects of phase interference in the critical midrange audio spectrum.

Design wise, Totem's goal is to create a timeless design which has long-term value in your space. With this in mind, their products generally maintain small footprints and visual weight, easily integrated into a modern space. They offer on-wall, in-wall, and standard floorstanding and bookshelf speakers, all of which perform beyond expectations for their footprints. This is hugely helpful in bringing amazing sound to spaces where it otherwise would be sacrificed.


We feature the Totem Bison Towers in Satin White.

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