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Light Management in Theaters

When it comes to building an immersive theater experience few things can make or break a room like light management. There are a handful of design elements we need to consider when designing your theater to create a space that is both enjoyable and safe.

Function Lighting vs Screening Lighting

When considering the function of your theater it is easy to forget that it needs different lighting options for different viewing experiences. It easy to jump to the idea of simply turning all the lights out, but it is important to keep in mind comfort like reducing eye strain, and safety like providing isle lighting to help people move around when the lights are low.

Together we will look at the function of your theater and create a targeted lighting plan that will be both functional and enjoyable. We will create a light experience that allows you to move from a fully lite room for tasks like cleaning,. An intermediate light that is ideal for casual watching with friends or kids, and cinematic lighting that will fully immerse you in your movie.

Reflective Light Control

It is just as important to control reflected light as it is direct light and your screen type has a direct impact on what will work best.


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