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TV vs Projector | Selecting your Home Theater Screen Type

When it comes to building your Home Theater few choices have a bigger impact then your screen type. Both TV and Projector Screens have a range of benefits and drawbacks; what will work best for you really comes down to a few key factors.

Casusal Multi Use living and home theater space with a large window


The light of your space has a huge influence on the kind of screen you can go with. Brighter multi function style theaters like family and great rooms often lack the light control needed for a projection screen. You can control the light in your room through room darkening curtains, dimmable lights, and room partitions but often in these brighter, busier and multi use spaces a wall mounted TV will sever you best.

It is important to keep in mind that in any screening room some light control is needed. We all know the dreaded glair from the window or a poorly place light. When designing your theater room we can design around your theaters function as well as existing lighting limitations to create a fully immersive experience.

Home theater projector, theater rendering.

When it comes to the true theater experience screen size really does matter, while modern TVs reach upwards of 100 inches, if you want that true big screen experience projection will be the way to go. With screen sizes reaching over 170 inches, and acoustically transparent screens allowing you to hide your speakers giving you an even greater size range, you can bring the big screen experience home.


Like every piece of your theater build, finding a balance of quality and budget is key. There are TVs and Projects that run the price range from introductory to luxury; what your experience priorities are will really help us decide if a TV or Projector is the right fit for you. Consider things like image resolution, user interface, screen brightness and screen size.

Existing Equipment

More often then not you are bringing equipment you already own into your new theater build. Let us know what equipment you plan to keep and we can help you upgrade or integrate your existing equipment to best align with your dream theater. Knowing what you are working with can quickly shift the design of the space, we can help you create the ideal design with the gear your already have.

Still not sure what screen is best for your Home Theater? We can help you pick the best television or projector screen choice for your unique home theater and lifestyle.


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