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What to look for in Home Theater Seating

Custom Home Theater Seating from Fortress Seating

When it comes to picking your perfect theater seat we often talk about the best viewing position, but tend to forget that what we sit on is as important as where we are sitting. When building your in-home theater, selecting seating that works for you and your family is key. Whether you are building a family theater meant to host birthday parties and sleepovers, or your own personal Atmos experience picking the right seat style, fit, and finish is an important part of your design.

Here are the things we keep in mind when designing your theater and selecting your seating.

Custom Home Theater Seating from Fortress Seating - Laurent in Black Leather
Room Size

The biggest factor in picking your theater seating is your room size and the number of seats you need for your family. Theater rooms range in size from smaller spaces that can comfortably accommodate 2-3 seats or larger rooms that could easily accommodate 20 or more people. Within your theater there is an optimal viewing position that creates the best viewing and sound experience; being mindful of where this is impacts the layout of your seating and how many seats you can fit in your room.

How many people do you plan to watch with? People tend to fill their room with as much seating as they can fit, often at the expense of the viewing position and flow of the space. Consider the number of people you need to seat on average in your theater, and add an extra seat or two for guests if you can. The magic of a home theater is that it creates a comfortable space for you and your loved ones to gather. For both solo screening your favorite film and nights in with friends, we want to build a theater that suits your viewing style.


When selecting your theater seating budget is an important factor. Your theater building process starts with finding a balance between budget and quality that works for you. Theater seating ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per seat and can easily become one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your theater. Deciding on a budget early allows us to help you select a brand that will best suit your wants and needs while aligning with your budget.


What are you looking for in your theater seating? Knowing what features are most important to you helps us decide if standard or custom seating is best for you. While most theater seating comes standard with reclining, the customization can grow from there. Motorized Mechanisms, Pocket or Retractable Arms, Cup Holders, Dinner Trays, Storage, Electronics Charging, Touch Screen Integration, Reading Lights, Aisle Lights, and Lumbar Support Pillows are some of the many custom features you can add to your seating. Tailoring your seating can really add to your movie viewing enjoyment!


How you use your theater can affect the style and material of your seating; and the style and material can affect your sound and viewing experience. If you are looking for the ultimate sound, we recommend going for a more breathable fabric, something like a performance suede. If you are looking for something more durable and stain resistant, something that can withstand kids and pets leather is an excellent choice.

Custom Home Theater Concept Rendering

Not all theater seating is created equal, and that can be seen easily when it comes to design. There is a wide range of options if you are looking for that classic theater look, but when design and style are an important factor you may be surprised just how many options are available! From sleek and modern, to classic elegance there is an option for every design style. Customization does not have to end at features and seating style, we have brands available that allow us to select from countless fabric and leather styles and colors, finish details like edge piping, trim detailing, wood and metal finishes, two tone fabrics and even custom embroidery.

Designing and building a complete theater room can be complex and labor intensive, from visual componentry and audio to room design, furniture selection and acoustic treatments it is important to think about the complete experience every step of the way. Together we can design and build a one of a kind theater that is tailored to your specific goals. Let's create a space where you can gather with loved ones for an night of fun, or escape to the silver screen for an evening alone.


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