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ATC Speakers - Acoustic Engineers

ATC, short for Acoustic Transducer Company, adopted a driver-first method of speaker design. Their in-house technologies and approach to sound create a phenomenal sense of space and resolution, with both passive and powered speakers available for most models.

ATC's strength in manufacturing their own transducers has allowed them to custom tailor every one of their speakers for the incredible performance. Their background in the recording side of audio is legendary, with presence in many world-renowned studios, from Abbey Road to Third Man Records and many, many others. Often times, when mixing and mastering tracks, artists are hearing their work on ATC's monitors. Drawing from their professional expertise, ATC's Hi-Fi range of products offer truly incredible performance.

The reason we chose ATC to be featured in our showroom is fairly straightforward; their products are exceptionally neutral. Neutrality can be a valuable asset in building a stereo or making decisions on supporting equipment. While a purely neutral system may not be the end target for most clients, having a major element in your system be very neutral can allow a more focused approach for the remainder of the system. If you seek the ultimate in precision, it's easy to combine components which extract every detail from your signal, and combine them with an ATC speaker. If you want warmth and added sweetness, again we can build around a neutral centerpiece and select components that compliment this goal.

The first thing you'll notice in listening to ATC speakers is their impressive ability to disappear from the room. The music seems to emanate with great transparency and dynamics from a wide window even wider than the speakers placement in the room. Their ability to extract textures, micro-details, while still maintaining perfect composure in very dynamic passages is truly captivating.

Another noteworthy feature across much of the ATC speaker line is the availability of "active" speakers. Active speakers from ATC feature built-in amplification, with separate amplifiers for each driver. In a model like the SCM-40A this means there are 6 amplifiers between your pair of speakers! This gives even finer control of what each driver does, and guarantees perfect amplifier matching on a per-driver basis. These amplifiers are also made in house by ATC, and are class A/B, rather than class D as found in many powered speakers. With active speakers, all you need to build a world class stereo system is a preamplifier and a source. There are many options to have a one-box solution with extremely high fidelity, such as the Esoteric N-05, which can act as both!

ATC's custom-built drivers, paired with their excellent crossover and cabinet construction, allows your music to be expressed in a faithful but impressive fashion. There is true magic contained inside the 3" midrange driver featured across much of their product range.

In addition to their speaker lines, ATC also has a very impressive line of electronics, including integrated amplifiers and CD players, which pair as well with their own speakers as with others.

ATC available for demo - Currently on the floor we feature the SCM-40 passive floorstanding speakers, in satin white.


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